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As a child, my mother use to always make small donations to St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital (as much as she could anyhow, being a mother of 3 of her own). She used to always tell my brother, sister and I about how great of a place they were. She said she couldn’t imagine ever having to leave her child in a hospital to go through what those children there went through, just so she could work to maintain her bills and family expenses.

Of course, we thought it was a good deal. I had seen the commercials as I was growing up, and it all seemed just as great as she told us it was. At the same time, I didn’t fully understand just how great they were until I had children of my own and experienced their services first-hand. My 3rd child, my daughter, was referred to a St. Jude’s hematologist at the age of 5. By the grace of God, all the tests they ran on her came back negative and she never had to go back. However, just the time we were there, in one of St. Jude’s actual facilities, was when my eye and heart were actually opened completely.

While waiting for my little girl to be called back, her father and I walked her around to look at all the mind blowing things that this facility had set up for these children. Children that were there to see a Dr. like my daughter, or children that were there having treatments, were able to walk around and see things that they don’t see everyday, things that were there just to ease their minds and make them more comfortable. The measures and expense that this staff and corporation went through to create this type of an environment for children was mind blowing. My heart broke as I saw the children walking around going through their treatments, but I can honestly say that I didn’t see a single child there without a smile on their face. They were still having fun and amazed by everything around them.

At one point, before one of my daughter’s tests (which was painful), a couple of women came in and introduced themselves to her. They had brought an iPad, coloring books, toys, etc and asked her what she wanted to play with. She asked if they were nurses and they told her no, their job was strictly to play with her and not leave her until her tests were done. My daughter smiled ear to ear as these women played games and colored with her. So, now I’m looking at a place that not only offers free treatments to these children, free medications, an environment that you couldn’t even imagine unless you were to see for yourself, assistance in helping families that have a child that goes here, but now I witness that they actually pay employees to play with these little kids and help distract their little minds of the reality around them!

In my eyes, for a company to even have such a job position, shows me that this corporation really does care about and love children. They are a non-profit business that is able to do all of this and more by love and the help of all the others that contribute to helping them save lives. Some people want to help with this as well, but they don’t have the funds to do so, so they volunteer their time instead.

My mother passed away July 18, 2019. Her wishes were to give anything donated to her memorial to go straight to St. Jude’s, so that is exactly what we did. Since then, I decided to find a way to raise money to give to St. Jude’s. I wanted to start being able to make monthly donations to them, so I started brainstorming ways to accomplish this. You have got to be the change that you want to see in the world today, they say, and I want to see a cure for child cancer and even cancer in general. I also want to see more love and less hate in today’s society.

So one day I am trying to think of something unique, that isn’t already being done a lot and BAAAM, it hit me!! Every place I have ever worked at that uses printers just throws their ink and toner cartridges away. I looked to see if the cartridges were something that could be recycled since this was something I’d not really heard much about. Not only did I find out that they can be recycled, but they are also very harmful to our environment.

At last, I had a genius plan!! Recycling these cartridges and toners, items usually just thrown in the trash, would not only help our environment, but also raise money to help support St. Jude’s…..exactly what I wanted to do!! Now, I have a business that is changing lives all the way around, human lives and environmental lives!!

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