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Don’t throw away your toner and printer cartridges! Let us recycle them instead so we can help Children get life-saving treatment at St. Jude’s Hospital.

Eye Seen Recycling is a non-profit organization solely dedicated in supporting St. Jude’s Children Medical Research by recycling ink and toner cartridges. While doing this helps protect our environment, our most important goal is to help support research for St. Jude’s. We donate a large portion of our proceeds to St. Jude in order to help children all over the country get the medical attention and services they need.

How It Works

Our recycling system is designed to be as simple as possible. We’ll provide you with free waste containers and removal. Simply put these containers near your printing equipment. Then, whenever you replace a toner or printer cartridge, simply toss it in our container rather than your trash. Once the container is full, just call us and we’ll pick it up and deliver new containers. All of our services and supplies are at no cost to you the customer. It really is that easy!

We also do free promotional setups for drop-offs to show the community your supportive recycling services in contributing to St. Jude’s Medical Research.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of something great, that helps change lives all the way around?! Its completely hassle free and at NO cost to you!

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Only 30% of used ink cartridges and toners are recycled each year. The other 70% are being dumped in our landfills and polluting our natural resources, including our air!

70% is a LARGE amount!! In addition to all the other items polluting the world, not recycling these cartridges means we’re adding to the harm we’re causing our environment when we could easily be reducing it. There is a need for recycling ink and toner cartridges, and it’s not going to get any better on it’s own. We need to change it; we CAN change it, but only by working together.

The World is in Our Hands

We must be the change we want to see in the world

Why We Do It

We’ve always been big supporters of St. Jude’s, and feel that the life-saving work they do should be available to as many children as possible. We found that by collecting used printer and toner cartridges, we could not only keep them out of landfills, but recycle them to help the planet and helping the children of St Judes and their families.

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About Us

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more interesting facts and info.

Did You Know?

Your support can help St. Jude provide:

$3 | Pediatric isolation masks to help protect patients with compromised immune systems
$4 | Snack bags for patients and their siblings
$7 | A blank medical teaching doll that helps patients understand medical treatment procedures
$22 | Rehabilitation weights to help improve patients’ quality of life
$30 | A St. Jude family with meals for one day in the Kay Kafe, the St. Jude cafeteria
$57 | Necessities for parents who may have hurriedly left home after their child’s diagnosis
$100 | A platelet count test for two patients
$250 | One red blood cell transfusion for a patient

Is Your School Looking to Participate in Making the World a Better Place?

We offer something that is a lot of fun for the kiddos while teaching them that even as young children they can take action in the world!

If you choose to keep our boxes in your school, we will choose random times to do contests throughout the school year and print out flyers to be sent home with each child asking their parents to give them cartridges from home or work. Whichever classroom collects the most at the end of that month will receive a pizza party!!!

In this way, not only are we teaching the children in today’s society how important it is to take action in helping our planet, but we are also teaching them integrity and how to help others.

🌟🌟 UPDATE !!🌟🌟

First of all, I would like to thank the Lebanon, Camdenton and Conway District for helping my business take off so quickly!!! I am more than grateful that so many people are getting involved this fast!!! Being a nonprofit business makes this service somewhat difficult starting out, however, at this growing rate I expect a huge outcome . So thank each and every one of you, who have became supportive customers!!! Together we will make a difference 😊

Our Supportive Customers

Hurricane Deck Elementary – Cowan Civic Center – Lebanon City Hall – HEP Supply – Computer Dr.

Are You wanting to Help??

Being a nonprofit business is very hard, but yet very rewarding. If you would like to help with the cost of containers for the public to save and recycle used ink cartridges and toners, help with fundraisers, packing supplies to ship the cartridges to the recycle and refill companies, advertisement to spread the word in our communities, fuel for pickups and deliveries and events to get our communities and schools involved, then you can do so with the donate button above. For every donation you make will go towards everything involved in this operation and together we will soon have the state of Missouri all participating! You will also have the opportunity to donate baked goods, jewelry, art, gift cards, etc for our events we have, to be raffled off or sold. This is a great way to get everyone involved and make it fun as well!

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